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We are a company specialized in the commercialization and distribution of consumables aimed at what to do phonoaudiological. We have seen how this profession, unknown until a long time ago, today evolves very quickly, encompassing new fields of work, which generates the need for constant updating and specialization, which is why countries such as the United States, Germany, England and Spain are pioneers in the design of both evaluation and therapeutic materials specific to the phonoaudiological exercise.

Foreign resources and tools are not available or are not easily accessible in Latin America, which leads phonoaudiologists to seek adaptations and spend long hours in toy stores, bookstores, hardware stores, specialized stores of other professions, etc.

This is how Communicare was born, whose name means communication in Latin, since we phonoaudiologists rehabilitate and in many cases enable any difficulty that may arise in this wide and complex area.

Communicare is an online store where Latin American speech therapists can quickly acquire all the necessary supplies to develop their profession and also giving the option to patients to have their own material to reinforce at home, all this under indication of the attending phonoaudiologist.



"Provide a service of marketing and distribution of supplies aimed at making phonoaudiological in Latin America, online ensuring an immediate, fast and safe delivery by virtue of the limited time available to these professionals. The services will be delivered with efficiency and respect, using trained and responsible personnel, always ready to serve our customers. "



"To become a leading company in the marketing and distribution of all phonoaudiological supplies in Latin America, internationally recognized for the quality of its products, for working with the best human team and focusing on all the needs of our customers to be able to deliver value to them in an integral way through our service. We want to live the real associated experience. "

  Medical Supplies by Danissa Klagges is distributed under a Creative Commons License Non-Commercial Attribution Without Deriving 4.0 International . Based on a work in www.comunicare.cl . Permissions that go beyond what is covered by this license can be found at www.comunicare.cl .