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If you are a phonoaudiologist and you attend at home, in a medical center or in a private box, publish your service at communicare. free service for clients communicare.

Many people write to us asking for a phone, so we decided to leave a space on the page to recommend colleagues, you just have to send us the following info: upload your data:

Contact information (up on the page)

  • Name
  • Phone
  • City where you work
  • Region
  • Modality of attention: address / consultation, in case of consultation, indicate address.
  • Image of your logo or personal photograph if you prefer, you can be doing therapy.
  • Small description of the type of services you provide, what is your strength

Validation information: (do not go to the page)

  • CV updated.
  • Certificate of exit.
  • Certificates of graduates, magister or courses in which you specialize.